Our Approach

There are many restoration alternatives that will be considered, depending on your unique problem.

Our team of Periodontists and Prosthodontists work together to analyze, diagnose and provide a comprehensive treatment plan, while always keeping your optimum oral health as the foundation of your care.

This unique combination of specialties allows us to provide comprehensive treatment in one practice, from surgical implant treatment through to restoration.

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Also Called The ‘Teeth In One Day” Concept

All-on-4 is a revolutionary oral rehabilitation approach for people who have lost all their teeth, or for those who must consider many extractions due to disease, with the placement of as few as 4 implants to support a fixed or non-removable prosthesis. Because of the reduced number of implants and their unique positioning, All-on-4™ is a financially reasonable, stable, and reliable solution for patients with a complete dental arch with missing teeth. Many patients who may not have been candidates for implants in the past, can undergo this treatment due to the unique placement of 2 posterior implants at a 45 degree angle – requiring less bone height by avoiding enlarged sinuses to safely and securely anchor the implants, often without major bone grafting procedures. The All-on-4™ solution is documented to have a high rate of success with life-changing and satisfying results for patients previously forced to consider full dentures.



Why All-on-4™ is the right treatment option for patients wanting to get rid of their dentures, and for people with failing teeth in need of a full upper and/or lower restoration:

  • Fixed(Non-Removable)

    Unlike conventional dentures, the All-on-4™ procedure allows you to have non-removable teeth that feel and function similar to natural teeth. The All-on-4™ procedure eliminates the day-to-day frustrations and discomfort of dentures.

  • Aesthetic

    Unlike conventional dentures which have a lot of acrylic material, that cover the palate in the case of an upper denture, and could negatively affect your appearance, All-on-4™ gives you teeth that look and act similar to natural, healthy teeth.

  • Same-Day Teeth

    The All-on-4™ procedure is often completed in a single day (24 hour time period). In some cases, failing teeth can be removed, implants placed and teeth inserted on same day. Similarly, if you are already wearing a denture, implants can be placed and teeth inserted immediately.

  • Immediate Function

    The recovery process is minimized for All-on-4™ technology. Eat, talk, and socialize as soon as you have left us.

  • Minimal Need for Grafting

    Bone grafting is a surgical procedure often necessary in a process of placing conventional implant-based rehabilitations. Loss of a tooth or teeth often causes bone shrinkage. In order to correct this type of problem, bone may be taken from other areas of your mouth or your hip, and increasingly replaced with bone graft substitutes. With All-on-4™ treatment, the unique positioning of implants avoids many of the key resorbed areas, and therefore in most cases bone grafting is not required.

  • Bring The Cost Down

    Conventional full jaw implant restorations may require 8-10 implants and bone grafting, making the entire process long and complex with treatment taking up to a year. All-on-4™ has made a revolution by significantly bringing the cost and treatment time down for more effective and satisfying results. The exact cost varies by patient and the condition of their teeth or jaws, but with a lesser number of implants and the simpler ‘Teeth-in-a-Day’ procedure, All-on-4™ is a definite solution for patients with missing teeth.

Look, Feel & Function of Natural Teeth

Long-Term Solution

Implants are long-term solution for the replacement of missing teeth. With the highest success rate over any tooth-replacement option of over 95%.

Stops Bone Loss & Improves Facial Structure

Implants act like the roots of teeth, in that they help prevent bone loss that inevitably follows tooth loss. This preservation of bone may help preserve your appearance and facial contours that result in minimizing wrinkles.

Reduce the Load on Your Remaining Teeth & Structures

Dental implants reduce the load on the remaining oral structures and teeth by offering independent support and retention for crowns, bridges and overdentures.

Preserve Adjacent Teeth

Dental implants reduce the need for restorative intervention involving adjacent teeth.

Improved Chewing & Speaking

Implant overdentures and All-on-4 implants with fixed bridges have been shown to contribute to improved chewing efficiency and speaking compared to complete (removable) dentures.