Beautiful smiles are the result of several interrelated elements: the teeth, the gums and the lips. Tissues surrounding your teeth can be added (Grafting) or subtracted (Crown lengthening) to give you a healthy and natural appearance, while providing a proper framework for esthetic restorations.

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We performed Functional Crown Lengthening when a tooth is deeply decayed at the gum level and additional tooth structure must be exposed for either aesthetics or for access to more tooth structure to support a restoration.


We can level an uneven gum line for better symmetry prior to crowns or veneer restorations and recontour the gums to better frame and enhance the shape of your teeth.

Often reshaping of the gums alone is inadequate, thus this procedure often necessitates correction and reshaping of some supporting bone. Again this procedure may be done with conventional surgical procedures or with lasers; these details will be reviewed during your consultation.

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One of the major advances in smile design and enhancement focuses on additive gum and bone procedures to address collapsed gum and bone due to prior tooth loss or exposed roots due to recession.

These periodontal plastic surgery procedures include gum graft procedures with new tissue taken from the palate, or dermal graft alternatives to avoid additional surgical sites.

Where bone needs to be regenerated substitutes from a variety of sources have become the norm in practice, allowing us to avoid bone harvest sites like the hip, chin or ramus in most cases. These less invasive procedures allow us to offer surgical procedures with swifter healing times for our patients.

You may be referred to us to address your receding gums or to plump up the tissues where they have collapsed. There are many procedures that are used today to address these types of problems, such as, Connective Tissue Grafts, Dermal Grafts, Bone Grafting or Augmentation, which will be discussed with you at your consultation appointment.

If you are losing tissues, your teeth may appear too long. Changing or altering how the teeth are shaped will not address this. A recession problem may be confined to an individual tooth or a few teeth, in cases where the gum has “shrunk” or “pulled” away from the tooth giving the tooth an excessively long appearance.

For some people, the underlying root surface is more sensitive to sweets or thermal changes. These problems can often be corrected by adjusting the gumline with aesthetic reconstructive techniques done using a microsurgical approach under high magnification. The results are often dramatic and can be achieved with minimal inconvenience and discomfort.

Similar techniques are often used to plump up the gum in an area where a tooth was lost. Both bone and soft tissue grafting procedures are important in the management of this type of problem. These procedures are important for cases where a bridge may be recommended to replace a missing tooth and are often essential to idealize the tissues where implants may be the preferred tooth replacement method.

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Whether you are looking to enhance your smile for cosmetic reasons or require an aesthetic procedure due to a functional or dental health related circumstance, our world class Periodontal specialists can help you through Periodontal Plastic Surgery to achieve amazing results.