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Published by INCISAL EDGE, Special Edition – Summer 2013

Dr. SONIA LEZIY describes herself as moving continuously between the roles of teacher and student. “There’s always something you don’t know enough about,” she says — an intriguing statement from a woman who travels dozens of times a year to teach and lecture around the world about implants and esthetics therapies.

Her specialties are complemented by Dr. Brahm Miller, her husband and business partner, whose prosthodontics focus enables their practice to serve patients across a range of conditions. “Patient care is rewarding,” she says, “and I seek to give them the best possible treatment outcomes.”

The Web site of Imperio Group Dental Health Specialists, the couple’s practice in North Vancouver, British Columbia, says a lot about Dr. Leziy. It contains a great deal of information for patients — and even more for dentists.

For the past 18 years she has led the VIP Study Club, an education-focused program that helps general dentists in the Vancouver area develop their skills. The group works with about 30 practitioners a year. Dr. Leziy also teaches undergraduate and graduate students at the University of British Columbia.
Dr. Leziy also does a lot of work for dental journals; she views it as an opportunity to understand how the field is progressing. “It’s an honor to do it,” she says.

What she gives back to the profession redounds to her benefit as well. “Remaining open to discussion and new ideas has created opportunities to learn through my teaching, and has fostered strong ties with colleagues from a broad range of backgrounds,” she says. Her worldwide lectures have inspired a steady stream of visitors to venture to far western Canada to spend time observing her practice in person.

Her husband, she notes, is a stalwart source of support. (The couple have two grown children and a young granddaughter.) Dr. Leziy also credits her mother. “I come from a line of strong women,” she says. “My mother worked hard to gain respect in her line of work, and was recognized in a male-dominated industry.” That trait, it is clear, runs in the family.

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