Patient Info

The specialists at Imperio have been providing premium dental health care to patients since 1993.

Our group of dental health specialists deliver unprecedented patient care and convenience by combining a unique set of clinical skills and technology under one roof.

Although we welcome you to visit us directly – we work very closely with dentists and specialty clinicians to collaborate on your treatment.

Your First Visit

It All Begins with a Consultation

We will help you to make informed decisions about treatment options, time commitment and financial matters. We will take the time to present your treatment options, therapy goals and discuss the pros & cons at length. Our primary concerns are to ensure all your questions are answered and any concerns you may have are explained thoroughly.

In the case of a complex prosthetic case, a secondary visit to discuss treatment is usually arranged at no further expense to you.

Gathering Information

We ask that your dental office forward appropriate x-rays prior to your appointment. If none are available, we will take instantly viewable Digital Radiographs at your consultation appointment.
If you have been advised by your physician that you require antibiotic premedication for dental treatment, please take your antibiotic medication prior to your consultation.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete an insurance/medical questionnaire or you may fill out our convenient pre-registration form on our website ahead of time to expedite your initial visit.  This will help our office have your medical history and insurance information ready and reviewed before you arrive.


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
7am to 4pm

Staying On Time

We pride ourselves on staying on time. Unfortunately, delays may occur from time to time as a result of the complexity of specialized treatments provided in our practice. Your understanding and patience are very much appreciated should a dental emergency result in a waiting time of your appointment.


If you are experiencing pain or have an emergency situation please contact us immediately. We will make every attempt to see you that day.

Cancellation Policy

A fee is charged when insufficient notice is given to cancel or change an appointment. We require two full business days notice to cancel or change an exam, post operative or hygiene appointment. One week’s notice is required to cancel or change surgery and some restorative appointments may also apply.


Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance is designed to ensure coverage to service your basic oral health needs. There may be limitations within your plan when advanced or extensive treatment is required.
Following your consultation, and at your request, as a courtesy to our patients we will prepare a pre-treatment estimate for submission to your insurance carrier.
This will be done in advance of treatment to help determine your eligibility for the prescribed treatment.

Processing Time

Insurance processing of pre-treatment estimates may take several weeks. A Pre-determination of benefits does not guarantee payment – but it reduces the chances of your claim for reimbursement being limited or declined.

Keeping Us Informed

Help us in assisting you by keeping our office informed of any changes to your insurance plan. Dental Insurance carriers consider the details of your plan to be private and will not release information regarding your dental plan to the office.

Payment Policy

Our Fees

Examination and treatment fees vary, depending on the type of treatment coordinated. Payment for your consultation or treatment is due at the time of your appointment. If you have dental insurance, we are pleased to submit your claim and send it on your behalf to your insurance carrier. Your carrier pays you directly for your expenses (based on your eligible benefits).

Preferred Patient

Referring Dentists who are part of our ‘Preferred Dentist’ program are given first priority. This allows you access to shortened wait times and your dentist access to expert guidance in planning and treatment by leading specialists.


Thank you from all of us at Imperio Group.

It is a tremendous compliment to all of us at Imperio when you refer your family, friends and colleagues to see us.

We would like to thank you for placing your trust in our our dental team.   In appreciation of your patient referral we would like to express our gratitude through a gift card for Everything Wine, Cactus Club or Spa Utopia …it’s your choice.


Languages Spoken

English, Farsi, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Chinese

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