Sonia Leziy Live Surgery Pdc


This live demonstration will discuss and illustrate the use of connective tissue and dermal grafts with microsurgical approaches for coverage of exposed roots and to enhance thin gingival biotypes in a split mouth approach.

Patient preparation, flap management, graft selection/handling/tissue quality and suturing techniques/suture material selection and haemostasis will be reviewed.

These techniques can be applied to handling both simple to moderately complex cases. Post-surgical care, and follow-up protocols and handling of complications and normal side-effects will be discussed.


Learning Objectives:

  • Educating patients as to anticipated outcomes/success, treatment experiences & post-treatment care.
  • Recipient flap design for connective tissue vs dermal grafts and graft stabilization options.
  • The pros and cons of dermal grafts vs connective tissue grafts.
  • Illustration of graft stabilization strategies: suturing and use of adhesives.
  • Long-term results: what we can expect based on literature and our long-term experiences.

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