Lunch & Learn Clinics

A Customized Clinic for your dental team.
Lunch is on us!

Program Goals

To empower the dental hygiene team as the primary oral health providers in providing patients with quality comprehensive oral and overall health care.

Program Overview

Participants will learn current and evidence based methodologies pertaining to:

  •    Clinical Therapy
  •    Oral Health Education
  •    Client Communication

Program Format

Lecture: Up to 1 hour
We will discuss a format that works within your time schedule and is practical for your team size. Our intent is to provide you with a customized clinic to fit into your schedule.

Key Points You Will Learn

  1. Professionalism
    Demonstrate self-management in multiple and inter-professional settings.
  2. Health Promotion
    Enable clients to increase control over and improve their oral and general health.
  3. Oral Health Education
    Explore with clients their values and beliefs, as well as, the acquisition of knowledge, skills and self-care habits related to oral health.
  4. Oral Disease Prevention
    Discuss the science behind patients carrying out specific oral health behaviours.
  5. Clinical Therapy
    Learn how to manage client supportive services including chronic disabling conditions.
  6. Critical Thinking
    Evidence based methodologies.
  7. Research Use
    Learn how to find, appraise and implement evidence based decision-making.
  8. Communication
    Collaboration / Coordination.
  9. Leadership
    How to be a Change Agent for your clients, practice setting and community.

Who Is This Program For?

The program is designed for the dental team and can be specialized in a domain if desired.


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