Your dental treatment will employ the latest minimally invasive techniques and will be delivered in a comfortable setting by highly skilled clinicians.

Dermal ARC Technique – Hands on Course

Course Dates:

* This course is limited to a maximum of 8 participants

April 7th – full

June 2nd – open

Further dates to be determined. If you are interested in being notified or put on a waiting list, please use the registration link provided.


Presenting Clinician: Dr. Sonia Leziy

Fee: $1417 (including GST)

8 CE credits


Imperio Group
401 – 221 West Esplanade
(West elevators)
North Vancouver, BC


7:30 arrival registration
8am – 4pm course

* Lunch will be provided


This course is designed for the clinician who wants to learn more about dermal graft procedures for root coverage in a ‘boutique-style’ learning center.

Course participants will develop basic skills to treat simple to moderately complex cases. This course will include a lecture review of procedure techniques, indications, limitations, side-effects or potential complications and use of appropriate surgical instruments.

Participants will have the opportunity to observe several live surgeries, and to perform surgery on 1 of their own patients under the supervision of Dr. Leziy

Course Objectives

    • Understand the etiology of recession


    • Indications for grafting


    • Classifying recession to predict treatment outcomes


    • Review of current microsurgical grafting techniques and applications. Pros/cons of various grafting approaches will be discussed


    • In-depth procedural review
    • Review of surgical instrumentation, flap designs, suturing techniques
    • Recipient site preparation
    • The rationale for using acellular dermal grafts
    • Review of surgical instrumentation
    • Healing phases and treatment outcomes
    • Post-surgical management
    • Identifying treatment risks and managing surgical and post-surgical complications


Periodontal soft tissue procedures: lecture with Dr. Sonia Leziy


Demonstration cases with Dr. Sonia Leziy

The Dermal ARC Technique will be demonstrated live and on easily viewed LCD screens positioned throughout the learning center. Participants will have the opportunity to observe several procedures. The procedures will be narrated and discussion is encouraged.

Hands-on Surgery with All Participants (supervised by Dr. Sonia Leziy)
    • Assistants for each participant are requested to present by 10:45AM for the second surgery performed by Sonia


    • Dentists should plan to be present by 7:30AM for orientation and case review.
      8am – 9am: Lecture presented by Dr. Sonia Leziy
      9am – 10:30am: Observe first live surgery performed by Dr. Leziy
      11am – 12pm: Observe second live surgery with your CDA – performed by Dr. Leziy


    • Patient scheduled for treatment by participants should plan to arrive by 12:45.
      1:pm – 3:30pm: Live Surgery with your patient


  • Participants will have the opportunity to treat 1 of their own patients. Case should be pre-selected by the participant. We strongly encourage you to forward in electronic format, photographs of the case that you intend to treat, in order to make this the best learning experience possible. With pre-approval, the opportunity to treat a second region within the same patient may be possible.


1Participants must provide their own patient and a certified dental assistant must accompany you.

*Clinicians who are not licensed in BC can either practice on pig jaws or observe other participants.

2Equipment and supplies that you must bring:

      • Protective eye-wear for you and your assistant
      • Any illumination or magnification that you currently use for treatment
      • Masks and gloves for you and your assistant
      • Your patient and their chart/radiographs
      • Your prescription pads

3All other equipment and supplies will be provided for this surgery, including:

      • A list of all instruments that are used for this surgery and post surgical instructions will be provided for reference
      • Complete surgical set-up and all required disposable instruments/materials
      • Anesthetic, blades and sutures will be supplied
      • Post-surgical patient kit/instructions will be provided
      • There is no charge to your patient for materials

Case Selection

    • Ideally, cases should be limited to the anterior dentition or premolars, since molar access will make this a more difficult learning experience.


    • Patients should be in good health or have controlled systemic disease.


    • Ideally, avoid selection of patients on anti-coagulation therapy for this session. ASA should be discontinued 10 days prior to treatment, with consent of the physician.


    • Please identify drug or latex allergies.


    • If your patient has questions about this procedure, please try to answer them prior to the appointment, or contact us so that we may speak to them prior to the appointment.


    • Please plan to follow-up on your patients healing at 10 days and 21 days post-op in your own practice. If healing is slow, additional follow-ups may be required.  We make every effort possible to be available to help you and your patient should adverse events (bleeding emergencies, infection, unusual healing) occur during the early healing phase.

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